ICADians striding for top ranking US universities for Fall 2019
   Date :07-Jul-2019

Business Bureau:
ICAD, the most renowned name in the field of GRE and TOEFL preparation and the admission center for US and Canadian universities has decided to start the next GRE and TOEFL batch for aspiring students from July 18. Today, name any top ranking university of USA and you will find ICADians over there. This year too, more than 110 ICADians are making their way to United States of America for higher education. ICADians have done fantastically well in GRE, GMAT, SAT and secured admissions in best of the universities of USA along with the handsome scholarships.
Top Admits include, Aditi Dhabekar (Northeastern Univ ; MS in Biotech), Amit Tapas (North Carolina State Univ; Carnegie Mellon Univ), Ansu Samuel (Arizona State univ, Univ of Texas; Dallas), Aniket Tomar (Univ of Illinois; Chicago, Colarado State Univ), Bhushan Hiwase( SJSU, Univ of Texas; Dallas. Northeastern Univ), Devendra Choudhary (Arizona State univ, Northeastern Univ, SUNY; Buffalo, Okalahoma State Univ), Himavant Boddu (Univ of Florida; MS in Electrical) and many others. Apart from this, ICADians who have bagged the best of scholarships from US universities are Maharshi Gor who has bagged the scholarship of US$ 225000 from University of Maryland; CP for PhD in CS, Mohit Butani got Scholarship of US$ 87600 from University of Arizona for MS in Mining and others.
ICAD is the leading training centre for GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOEFL of Nagpur since 1999. ICAD till date has sent more than 4000 students to USA for their further studies and no other institute of Central India can match the expertise of training that ICAD provides to its students. For further details visit ICAD, Dharampeth Tower, Dharampeth, Nagpur (Ph:0712- 2541723, 9763022333).