‘Startups attract funding from local angel investors’
   Date :08-Jul-2019

Business Bureau:
VCATs Nagpur ‘14th Pitch Day’ saw three startups from different parts of country pitching their venture. While presenting startups his introductory remarks B C Bhartia said, “Startups are changing the world around us. Now you can get involved too. Angel investing was previously available to only the wealthiest. With venture catalysts, everyone can invest in private startups. Vcats is an integrated incubator that enables everyone to invest in carefully selected startups.
While no one can predict which companies will become unicorns, Vcats gives you access to companies who have the potential to become one.” The company founded by healthcare professionals and behavioral experts, winner of Pauline Griffine Prize & 100 Most Impactful Global Healthcare Professionals with previous experience at BCG & building chain of psychology centers was presented by Shipra from Delhi. She said, her company is an online therapy marketplace that has developed its own proprietary therapy programmes to ensure recovery for patients suffering from various mental health issues. The platform brings more flexibility and quality therapy with no time constraint, no location constraint and a variety of professional therapists and counsellors anonymously. Startup, Vinay Singhal from Indore is building the Netflix of stand-up artist content, built for Bharat.
It’'s an indigenous vernacular OTT content platform for focused short-form content, with a special focus on stand-up artist content such as comedy, poetry etc. For the user, it becomes the go to platform for all high quality, credible, short-form content. The founders have previously cofounded WittyFeed -World’s second largest viral content company from Indore, with monthly unique viewership of 100M+ & a billion user reach on Facebook. Parth from Mumbai is founder of an AR - Augmented Reality startup building technology for creating AR models of real world physical objects instantly and low cost. Currently, it is focusing on creating AR modules of food items, and launching a concept of ‘Augmented Reality Food Menu.’ The company is licensing technology restaurants and online food aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato and UberEats to offer better menu visualisation on mobile apps.
With successful pilot in Mumbai, the company is expanding into creating India’s largest library of food menu. The founders are technology graduates with experience in building 10+ mobile apps, they are currently backed by Business Head of Burrp. Former MP and minister Datta Meghe was present during pitches. He said, “VCATs Nagpur is doing condemnable job by giving opportunity to angel investors of the city.” CA Poonam Khandelwal, Punit Jain and Swati Sharma are available for any further queries by angel investors.