Punjab girls write letter with blood to Kovind for justice
   Date :08-Jul-2019

TWO girls from Punjab’s Moga city have written a letter with their blood to President Ram Nath Kovind seeking his help in the “false cases” filed against them. In the letter, the duo Nisha and Aman Jot Kaur has claimed that complainants have been threatening them on the pretext of the Kabutarbaazi and cheating cases registered against them and said that they have been living in fear for so long.
They also demanded euthanasia for the whole family if they do not get justice. Meanwhile, Moga Police DSP Kuljinder Singh denied the allegations levelled against the police by the two girls. Speaking to ANI, the girls - Nisha and Aman Jot Kaur - said, “Two false cases of Kabutarbaazi and cheating and fraud have been filed against us.”