Eid in sight, Kashmir returning to normalcy
   Date :11-Aug-2019

Special Correspondent:
UNDATED Amid tight security in place, Kashmir started returning to normalcy as the administration lifted curbs and allowed people to resume their regular activities ahead of Eid Ul Azha two days away. The State also saw a rare sight of students thronging schools and markets buzzing with commerce as people went on buying spree to celebrate the festival. Places of worship also attracted throngs of people even as smiling security personnel greeted them.
National Security Advisor Ajit Doval led the administration in establishing contact with common people, sharing small talk as well as cups of tea and snacks. The atmosphere communicated a sense of freedom after people emerged from homes days of remaining mostly indoors.
As they moved around freely, people also experienced a sense of relief as well as happiness that things were returning to normalcy much earlier than they had expected. “Peace was what we waited for all this time,” a senior citizen was heard saying.