TiE Nagpur’s workshop on regulatory compliance
   Date :12-Aug-2019

TiE Nagpur will conduct business workshop on regulatory compliances, risk assessment and fraud prevention venture. The workshop is organised on August 16, 2019 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Ashoka Hall, Chitnavis Centre. The mentor speaker of the session will be CA Nitin Sachdeva. He is the Founder & MD, APAC- delaPlex, Agile coach, the higher certification of SAFe programme consultant 4.6, certified fraud examiner (APAC,US), FCA and mentor.
He has an experience in IT infrastructure including network system, He provides training to thought leaders and strategies that support senior executives on transformation in business and technology. He is specialised in organisational setup and management in the field of Global R & D and innovation. Established business owners, startup founders, budding entrepreneurs, professionals, management student can take maximum advantage of the workshop with practical scenarios of compliance for venture in India Prior registration is mandatory.
For more information and registration, interested may contact on 9595568009 Nidhi Bawashe, Executive Director, TiE Nagpur. It is a paid event with nominal fees. All such initiatives of TiE Nagpur are to foster entrepreneurship.