Traders demand compensation for loss due to heavy rains
   Date :12-Aug-2019
Business Bureau:
Maharashtra including Vidarbha and Nagpur is affected by heavy rains. Shops and godowns in basement and low lineing areas are worst suffers. Team CAIT Nagpur had called an emergent meeting on this issue to understand the losses suffered by traders. All the members present were of the opinion that the Government should compensate for losses arising due to natural calamity. National President B C Bhartia said, “Traders have to suffer losses in all the cases whether it is strike, bandh, communal violencs or natural calamity.
However it is unfortunate that Government think of compensation for different sectors but traders are always neglected a lot.” In the meeting, it was unanimously resolved that Government should immediately announce and direct the companies not to deposit post dated cheques issued by traders, as they have no sale to honour these cheques when presented in bank. Traders also demanded that the bank should convert all the outstandings in cash credit limit given to these affected traders into interest free term loan to be paid in 12 monthly installments starting April 2020.
Chariman Gopal Agrawal said, whenever the stocks are insured, the insurance company should release the funds on adhoc basis. Survey and loss assessment can be done later. President KishoreDharashivkar said, “It is necessary to ensure that supplies to consumers are not affected.” President of Nagpur Chillar Kirana Association Prabhakar Deshmukh said, retailers are passing through very bad phase. Under such condition loss due to rains will paralyze the working of small traders. Team CAIT Maharashtra Secretary Dyaneshwar Rakshak said, the condition of traders in rural areas has worsened.
The damages caused to bridges have cut the conectivity with villages. All the persons present unanimously demanded that looking to the losses caused by havey rains and in order to ensure the supplies to consumers Government should take above steps immediately. Those prominently present were Swarnima Sinha, Nikhilesh Thakar, Vinod Gupta, S B Bhutolia, Vasant Kumbhare, Rajkumar Gupta, Madhusudan Trivedi, Jayshri Gupta and others, informs a press release by General Secretary Farooque Akbani.