Devotees pay obeisance to Lord Shiva on last Shravan Somvar
   Date :13-Aug-2019

Staff Reporter:
Shiv Temples were abuzz with the crowd of devotees paying obeisance to the Lord Shiva on the last Shravan Somvar. From milk anointment to mass feast and Shiv Yatra, Arang was drenched into devotion of Shiva. Arang had 107 Shivlinga in ancient time, but it couldn’t get the same status as Kashi as it needed 108 Shivlinga for that. But, there Shivlinga at Baageshwar, Bhuwaneshwar, Vateshwar, Kumareshwar, Jhanjhaneshwar, and many such ancient naturally formed Shivlinga could be seen all around. Special rituals are performed in these temples in the month of Shravan.
Also known as the town of Mordhwaj, Arang has 100s of temples, from where it got the name town of temples. At the Kumareshwar Nath Mahadev Temple, thousands of devotees offered prayers. Devotees as Aakash Tiwari, Karuna Tiwari, Ajay Tiwari, Aakansha Tiwari, Aman Tiwari and many others decorated the idol of Lord Shiva. Special Prasad was distributed to the devotees and programme concluded with Maha Arti. Abhishek Pujan Achaya Baldau Goswami, Sawan Shukla, Alok Sharma, Jai Prakash Dwivedi informed that their all their families stay present at the time of rituals.
Patel Community take out religious procession Banrasi Temple of Lord Shiva reverberated with the chanting of Mantras, filled with fragrance of incense sticks as the Patel Community paid obeisance with Jalabhishek on the last Shravan Somvar. A Kalash Yatra was taken out with fanfare and rituals like Jalabhishek with full Vedic methods and Mantra chanting. A Manas Gaan, devotional song, programme was organised in the night. Women and youths had taken part in the procession and Jalabhishekh in big numbers. The rituals was performed by Neera Patel, Pramila Devi Patel, Radhika Patel, Sewati Patel, Babulal Patel, Naresh Pulas, Jagdihs, Ishwar Kumar, Gajanand, Rajesh, Keshwar, Khelawan, Nadu, Pulas, Parmeshwar, Rukham, Panchu, Hiralal, Santosh, Prakash, Kuber, Bhakt, Pawan, and Vedprakash Patel.