Season’s first rain
   Date :13-Aug-2019

And it happened, it was like a surprise. Suddenly a voice outside the windows called for me.. I went near the window and the sight viewed was enough to make my day! Slowly and gently the rain drops were touching the ground and a great aroma filled my soul with delight. I felt good, I could feel each rain drop touching me like it’s only meant for me!! I felt like a new person, I felt like I was more happier than ever before. The essence of wet mud filled my heart with joy!! I was drenched that day, the day was so memorable it bought me a bunch of positivity and strength too.. There was something about the way, the drops felt that day, it was as if it was raining just for me. The beauty of nature begins with few drops of rain showering down. I was listening to the rain in silence, it made me feel at peace, It felt like beginning of something new. The downpour increased, as if it can see I was happy inside out.. And then soon it stopped raining I hoped you’ll meet me soon, I’ll be waiting for you.. And I end up smiling, thinking that you’ll back for me tomorrow just like the rain.

Prachi Tarachand Kodwani
CSE (3rd Year)
Jhulelal Institute of Technology (JIT)