11 lose vision to different degrees after cataract surgery in Indore
   Date :18-Aug-2019

By Chandrakant Naidu
ELEVEN persons lost their vision to different degrees following suspected infection after they were operated upon for cataract in Indore Eye Hospital, a health official said on Saturday. Indore is also the home town of Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Tulsiram Silawat. The authorities have sealed the operation theatre and ordered investigations into the incident.
“Out of 13 patients who were operated upon for cataract on August 8 under National Programme for Control of Blindness, 11 have complained of blurred vision,” Chief Medical and Health Officer Praveen Jadiya said. On August 9, eye drops were administered to the patients after which they complained of inflammation and blurred vision. On checking their eyes, many patients said they could see only a black shadow.
Indore Eye Hospital licence cancelled
Staff Reporter
After coming to know about the incident, administration shifted the patients to Choitram Hospital. Moreover, an eye specialist team is coming from Chennai to check the patients. Dr Pravin Jadia, Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO), told ‘The Hitavada’ that according to the directives of Health Minister Tulsi Silawat, the license of Indore Eye Hospital has been cancelled.
At least eleven persons have suffered almost complete loss of vision. Two-member team of specialist doctors from Chennai are coming to treat the victim patients. Jadia asserted that if treatment is effective then victim patients may recover 80 per cent eye sight. It was brought to notice that the patients developed blurred vision soon after the surgeries and subsequent to culture reports it was suggested that the cause of blurred vision was infection.