‘Ashtavdhyan’ is ancient spiritual art that needs to be preserved for posterity, says Prof Shukla
   Date :19-Aug-2019

 Dr R Ganesh is seen with his group of experts who asked questions while being seated on the stage of the Persistent Systems Limited’s Kalidas Hall during the programme ‘Ashtavdhyan’ held on Sunday. Dignitaries sitting off the stage are seen engrossed in enjoying the interaction between the experts. (Pics by Satish Raut)
Staff Reporter:
“Ashtavdhyan is ancient spiritual art that needs to be preserved for posterity. Sanskrit language has enriched Hindi. We consider “Knowledge obtained from Bramhatva as our objective and goal. Gyan and Karma help provide progressive guidance. Students must make use of this traditional science and knowledge,” asserted Vice-Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, while speaking on the occasion of birth centenary of Pragyabharti SB Warnekar and Sanskrit Mahotsav, organised under the aegis of Kavi Kuluguru Kalidas Sanskrit University Ramtek Sanskrit language and literature department and Sannidhi (organisation of ex-students), at Kalidas hall of Persistent Systems Limited. Prominently present on the occasion were renowned Sanskrit Pandit and Litterateur, Shatavdhani Dr R Ganesh, who made a mesmerising presentation on ‘Ashtavdhaan’ an ancient art of expression, Acharya Govind Giri, who offered his blessings and Vice-Chancellor of KKSU Prof Shrinivasa Varakhedi.
The programme commenced with the lighting of the traditional lamp. Prachi Bhat rendered Saraswati Stavan. Prof Varakhedi felicitated Dr Rajnish Shukla, Dr Ganesh and Acharya Govindgiri with a shawl, shrifal, gift and bouquet. Acharya Govindgiri offered his blessings and expressed his happiness for the efforts taken in propagating the art of Ashtavdhana for the benefit of the new generation. Dr Ganesh then made his presentation of Ashtavdhana involving eight questioners, who were feted by Prof Varakhedi. These eight were Shashikaran,Vasuki HA, BN, Ganesh Bhat Ramakrushna Pejtatai, Prof Madhusudan Penna, Dr Shivram Bhat, Dr Dinkar Marathe, Prachi Bhat.
The question and answers session provided an enlightening glimpse of the great Sanskrit Scholar. Dr R Ganesh was asked questions on “Nishedhakshar, Samasya Purti, Dattapadi, Kavyavarnan, Nyastakshari, Ashukavan, Sankhyabandh, Aprastut prasang”. His replies and explanations were mingled with wit. The Kalavishkar lasted for over two and half hours. Dr Dinkar Marathe spoke on Sankhyabandhat, while Dr Shivram Bhat delved upon Nishedhakshar. Dr Shashikaran laid emphasis on Sanskrit Kavyarachana. Prachi Bhat, used Kavyarachana to explain shlokas Meghdoot, Shakuntal, Kumarsambhav, Kiratarjunya by singing these. Dr Penna spoke on Ashukavita and its necessity in the presence of Dr Warnekar. Dr Vasuki asked about Chitrakavya to Dr Ganesh, who explained with the help of ‘Padambandhroop’.
The ‘Ashtavdhana’ concluded in four phases. Dr R Ganesh was conferred with the Mahakavi Kalidas Sanskrutvrati National Award and feted with a shawl, shrifal, citation, chandanhaar, bouquet and cash prize. Prof Rajneesh Shukla of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, praised and thanked organisers for presenting the ancient art of Ashtavdhanam, which has been preserved by Sanskrit University. Prof Shrinivasa Varakhedi,Vice-Chancellor of KKKSU Ramtek expressed his joy on the presentation of ‘Ashtavdhana’ in his University, which was his earnest desire. “The presentation was part of the Sanskrit Mahotsav and was very satisfying.” he stated. The programme was conducted by Dr Parag Joshi, who also proposed the vote of thanks. Dr Nandapuri, HOD Sanskrit Language and Department provided guidance along with Prof Kavita Hole. Dr Kalapini Agasti and Dr Renuka Karandikar, Dr Parag Joshi, Dr Renuka Bokare provided valuable assistance. Present on the occasion were Dr Chandragupt Warnekar, Dr Srinivas Warnekar and other members of Warnekar family, Director VNIT Dr Promod Padole, Former Vice-Chancellor of Amravati University Dr Mohan Khedkar, Suresh Sharma of Baidyanath, Acharya from Ramakrushna Math, Sanskrit Scholar Dr Leena Rastogi, Rajesh Loya of Sanskrit Bharti,Shirish Bedsagaokar, Mukul Kanitkar and others.