Malik sisters make another adventure history
   Date :19-Aug-2019

AFTER setting over half-a-dozen world records in mountaineering and adventure, India’s Everest twins Tashi and Nungshi Malik have added another feather to their cap by becoming the first South Asians to make it to one of the world’s toughest expedition challenges to be held in Fiji. The twin sisters have been selected to participate among teams from 30 countries at the event to be held in the Fiji islands later this year, according to an official release.
This is the first time any adventurer or team from South Asia has made entry into this event touted by many as the Olympics of adventure, it said. Over 60 teams from 30 countries will participate at the event that will be captured in an epic 10-episode series to be streamed on an online platform, with internationally acclaimed adventurer Bear Grylls to host the programme besides Lisa Henessy, Eric Van Wagenen and Mark Burnett, it said.
Leveraging their celebrity status and daring feats in a field considered as a male domain, the Malik sisters have been campaigning for gender equality in India and abroad. Acknowledging their global achievements a few years ago, Bear Grylls had described them as his heroes on his blogging site. To be held in Fiji islands this autumn, the expedition named ‘Eco Challenge Fiji’ will be streamed next year. The sisters, who are looking for a sponsor, called on Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat who wished luck and described them as a source of inspiration for millions of youngsters in the country and abroad.
The Malik sisters are the first siblings and twins to climb the Seven Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge. Lamenting lack of financial support, the twins said the training and preparation including purchase of race gear, equipment, travel, lodging, nutrition, pick-up truck rental etc in Fiji will cost over Rs 40 lakh and so far no corporate or Government entity has come forward.