Sandip Joshi a worker with mission and a leader with a vision
   Date :20-Aug-2019

Business Bureau: “A friend in need is a friend indeed" can practically be said about Sandip Joshi for his many useful well thought schemes like Deendayal Thali which is available for only 10 Rs to the patients and their relatives at the hospitals. He was not purposely trained as politician though his father late Devkarji Joshi who was MLC from teachers constituency whose priority was never politics but social-work. Naturally these qualities were imbibed in Sandip since childhood.
He was elected from Laxmi Nagar Zone as a corporator. He was also ruling party leader of the house of NMC in all these years. In these years he has won hearts of not only his party men and party leaders including Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Phadnavis, but also his opposition. The CM is so happy with his work that he has appointed Sandip as chairman small Industries committee which post is equivalent to that of Minister of State. In this new role also he will leave his footprints as always.
His new project will be launched on August 25 from Dr Dangre’s Hospital, Surendra Nagar, Nagpur, This project envisages that the households which have extra things which are not in use but creatin nuisance in the home such as old shoes, utensils, bedsheets etc. will hand them over to the volunteers and which in turn can be given to the needy people who need them but dont have money to buy these items.