State Bank, Bank of Baroda conduct consultative process
   Date :21-Aug-2019

Business Bureau: THE opening phase of the bottom-up consultative process designated to generate ideas and review performance of banks and their alignment with national priorities are being conducted in most of the Public Sector Banks (PSBs). At Sate Bank of India the meeting was held on August 17 and 18 at Regional Business Office of Nagpur city RBO 1, involving branches within its jurisdiction. The meet reviewed the performance of branches and their alignment with national priorities.
The consultative process has resulted in a renewed sense of involvement and purpose down to the branch level and the bank was geared up towards implementing the roadmap for the future. In Bank of Baroda the consultations were held over a period of two days from August 18-19 where Rajesh Malhotra, General Manager at Bank of Baroda, participated in the meet. The initiative was driven to seek ways and means available to increase credit to various sectors of the economy, enhance use of technology to bring about innovation and enable big data analytics and make banking citizen-centric as well as more responsive to the needs and aspirations of senior citizens, farmers, small industrialists, entrepreneurs, youth, students and women.
As a result of the initiative, a number of bankable and innovative suggestions has been arrived on how PSBs in general and our bank in particular, may improve their performance and productivity. The consultations for generation of ideas was conducted in a bottoms-up process, which will be further discussed at the SLBC/ state level and final consultations will be held at the national level, to compare both, intra and inter-bank performances, for way ahead implementation across PSBs.