AJK Sir to introduce ‘Smart Technique’
   Date :23-Aug-2019

AJK Sir or Amit Khungar Sir, having 18 years Chemistry teaching experience at various institutions like Wankhede Madam Academy Nagpur, IIT Home, Bansal Classes Kota, others, is introducing ‘Smart Technique’ classes for the preparation of NEET AIIMS KVPY IIT, 11, 12 science students.
These techniques are designed to help the students understand the concepts in very easy manner. These techniques can be used for other subjects also. In addition to regular classes, there are many unique sessions and DIY Workshops, which improves the confidence and scores of students. Many students have qualified for NEET, IIT, KVPY exams in the past. For detail visit any one of the centres - Dharampeth, Laxmi Nagar or Airport (Mobile no 80 555 99 470).