Nimki is now Vidhayak
   Date :23-Aug-2019

Nimki Mukhiya, Star Bharat’s show, chronicled Nimki’s journey from a fun-loving and carefree girl to a feisty and matured woman who goes on to make a difference to her small village. It depicted how she defied societal norms and became a Mukhiya. Now, the channel is back with a mega second season titled Nimki Vidhayak, where the series focuses on how Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) becomes a Vidhayak (MLA) and strives to make a difference in the complicated world of politics.
Season 2 presents a path breaking leap from the previous season as it showcases an independent female MLA’s journey in the murky political arena of Patna. Nimki’s battle against injustice, how she emerges triumphant in a largely male-dominated world of politics and her relentless fight for women’s successful participation in politics is the core theme.
Watch Nimki succeed in a male dominated political environment! Watch Nimki find love that she will find difficult to accept… What will be the new challenges that Nimki will face in this new journey? To find out watch Nimki Vidhayak every Monday to Saturday at 8:30pm only on Star Bharat.