Do not fall in love with short success: Bharat Ganeshpure
   Date :25-Aug-2019

By Praveen Vighre : “Do not fall in love with short success. Always move forward with new ideas and projects,” said Bharat Ganeshpure, Marathi comedian and actor from the famous television show ‘Fu Bai Fu and Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’. He was speaking to the young innovators at Nagpur Startup Fest organised under the ‘Innovation Parva 2019’ by NMC and Mayor Innovation Council on Saturday at the Mankapur Indoor Stadium. Ganeshpure’s typical Vidarbha Marathi accent, with the flavour of ‘Varhadi’, touched the hearts of all those present at the venue.
He said, “If you suggest any idea to Vidarbha youth, the common question they ask, ‘Kay Fayda, Kasa Hoien’ (What will be the use and how will it be possible), likewise there are several typical questions.” He said, “First of all, take out all the doubts from your mind.” In his style he explained conditions are never favourable for anyone, but with strong will power and desire, one has to overcome the hurdle. “Their is no relation of circumstances and conditions, strong conviction and belief are necessary.
One must work with vision and determination,” he said. He disclosed that he will be start Vidarbha Kala Acadamy shortly, which will train not only actors but also backstage artists, like make-up man, light and sound technicians and all those people required for any programme. “Celebrity artist of Mumbai finds it difficult to bring all his team from Mumbai. There is demand for all side artists and technicians. We will provide them all such facilities,” Ganeshpure added.