Grey fascination
   Date :29-Aug-2019
Kareena Kapoor Khan is one short of turning 20 in the Hindi film industry and the actor says she is game for playing layered, grey characters. The actor’s first negative role came with 2004’s Fida in which she portrayed a scheming woman who sets up a man to take the fall for her lover. The movie also starred Shahid Kapoor and Fardeen Khan.
Her turn of a once successful actor whose career is spiralling down in Heroine (2012) is another example of a grey role. But Kareena agreed such parts are far few in between. “I would love to play a grey character, if it’s a great role. I would definitely want to go for it,” Kareena told PTI recently. Talking about her upcoming film, Good News, with Akshay Kumar, the actor said the movie is an entertaining watch.“I think it’s going to be a fun and exciting film, because it has a Christmas release.
“I’m sure people are going to love it. It’s got a different concept and it’s releasing during the holiday period. It will be a laugh riot,” she said. Good News, which is slated to be released on December 27, is a dramedy which follows a couple who are trying to conceive.