‘2/3rd directors worried over Artificial Intelligence’
   Date :04-Aug-2019

Business Bureau:
AS ARTIFICIAL Intelligence (AI) gets more traction in the everyday running of organisations, a little over two-thirds of industry honchos of a study are a worried about the potential negative impact of this technology on their corporate culture. Those polled hold are CEO/directors type employees and recognise that gains from AI can be offset by losses, at least in part, if the resulting impact on their corporate culture disengages their employees, claims talent development solutions provider Dale Carnegie in a survey. The online poll was carried out among 3,500 CEOs/ directors across a range of industries spanning 11 countries.
“Today success depends on human-machine partnerships. Leaders should focus on building trust, providing transparency and building confidence in their workforce to evolve along with the changing way of work. Trust and transparency will go a long way in bringing more people into decision making processes and helping employees approach AI with a positive attitude," Dale Carnegie India Chairperson and Managing Director Pallavi Jha said.
Achieving the full potential of AI depends on the successful partnership between humans and machines, it adds. As much as 44 percent respondents agree that AI will fundamentally change the way they work and live over the next 10 years, and expect those changes to be positive.