CII urges Govt to lower base price for 5G spectrum auctions
   Date :05-Aug-2019

Industry body CII on Sunday urged the Government to lower the base price for 5G spectrum, saying the high price of such radiowaves will halt accelerated growth of the sector and deter adoption of telecom services by the masses.
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) cautioned that participation of Indian telecom companies may be severely constrained in the upcoming auction for 5G spectrum due to low average revenue per user, and added that high reserve prices could further subdue this.
In a representation submitted to the Government, the CII made a case for a lower 5G spectrum reserve price, the auction for which is expected to be held later this year. “High reserve prices of spectrum will halt this accelerated growth and deter uptake of telecom services by poorer sections of society,”the CII said in a statement.