Inculcate entrepreneurship among women: Kanchan Gadkari
   Date :05-Aug-2019

Business Bureau:
Taking the importance of marketing and sales into account in entrepreneurship, a programme on ‘Effective marketing and sales management’ was organised by MSME-DI, Nagpur in association with MIDC Industries Association (MIA), Hingna, and GIZ, Nagpur exclusively for the existing and prospective entrepreneurs of Swayampurna Bahuuddeshiyasanstha. Kanchan Nitin Gadkari, President of Swayampurna Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha was the chief guest of the programe. It was presided over by P M Parlewar, Director of MSME-DI, Nagpur. C G Shegaonkar, President of MIA, Dipak Maneria, Mukesh Ashar, Nupur Mukherjee, faculties from Lemon School of Entrepreneurship were the other dignitaries on the dais. Kanchantai Gadkari in her address appreciated the huge gathering and said, “It shows that now a days more and more people, especially women are eager to enter into entrepreneurship.”
She said, women have inborn qualities like leadership, management, risk taking, managing finance patience, creativity etc. “There is need to inculcate entrepreneurship among women. If this is done, they will help in growth of industries and nation building,” she added. She said, “Still more awareness is needed for women to come forward and enter into business. With this purpose in mind, MSME-DI has organized programme to make aware women about the intricacies of marketing and sales so that she can run her business successfully and become self-employed. She will also be able to provide employment to other women and make them self sufficient,” Kanchan Gadkari said. P M Parlewar, Director of MSME-DI, Nagpur appreciated the enthusiastic participants and briefed about the various schemes of Ministry of MSME for existing and prospective entrepreneurs.
He explained the subsidies given to women entrepreneurs. He said, “We are trying to set up permanent exhibition centre for women entrepreneurs with the grant provided by Government and provide a platform to them to find the buyers and sell their products. Experience is the best teacher in anyone’s life.” Parlewar said, “Sales management is a process of developing a marketing team leading a marketing team, coordinating sales activities and implementing sales techniques. The goal is to help business achieve its sales objective. The importance of effective marketing and sales can’t be overestimated.” According to him, marketing has a predominant role at the beginning of a potential sale.
Another advantage is collaboration. Rather than operating as independent unit, strong information and idea sharing between the teams can help improve results and create a seamless experience for prospective buyers. “Marketing has a vital role in supporting sales. It bears the responsibility for raising awareness about a product. Both sales and marketing have the same end goal, increasing sales,” Parlewar added. C G Shegaonkar, President of MIA also spoke on the occasion.
He briefed about his association and also assured that with the help of MSME-DI, MIDC Industries Association is always ready to help the existing and prospective entrepreneurs. Mukesh Ashar, faculty of the programme encouraged the participants and also gave some tricks necessary for effective marketing and sales management. He assured Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is ever ready to help the participants. The programme was based on interactive session. Certificates were issued to the participants. MVK Jha Inv.MSME-DI and co-ordinator of the programme proposed the vote of thanks.