Security forces put on maximum alert nationwide
   Date :06-Aug-2019

Army personnel stand guard during restrictions in Jammu, on Monday. Restrictions and night curfews were imposed in several districts of Jammu and Kashmir as the Valley remained on edge with authorities stepping up security deployment.
THE Centre has asked the States and the Union Territories to keep security forces on “maximum alert” following decisions related to Jammu and Kashmir to “pre-empt” and “prevent any breach of security”, a communique issued by the Home Ministry said on Monday.
“As you would be aware, the Union Cabinet has taken some important decisions today concerning Jammu and Kashmir, in the overall national interest and to strengthen national security. It is essential that this occasion is not allowed to be misused by inimical and anti-social elements to cause breach of security, peace and public harmony in any part of the country,” it said.
It asked the States and the Union Territories to issue “immediate instructions” to its forces to be on “maximum alert” to “pre-empt” and “prevent any breach of security” or public order. “It is further requested that all requisite measures may be taken to ensure that peace and communal amity is maintained in all the parts of the country and special attention may be paid to communally sensitive and fragile areas,” it said.