5 terminally-ill children take charge as Bengaluru’s top cop for a day!
   Date :10-Sep-2019
BENGALURU (Karnataka) :
PROUDLY adorning the Khaki uniform, five terminally-ill children assumed command as Bengaluru top cop for a day as part of a special initiative by city police and ‘Make a Wish’ foundation. The five children namely Ruthan Kumar, Mohammad Sahib, Sayed Imad, Shravani and Arfath Pasha were also given the customary guard of honour from police team as well as the Dog squad before assuming the charge of city’s Commissioner of Police.
The children were seen gleefully interacting with the police dogs and looked visibly elated when they were handed police gun and handcuffs. The children were very excited about their new roles and were seen enjoying the opportunity. Upon being asked what you would do after becomingapolice officer, one of the kids, Arfath responded by saying, “I will put bad people in jail!”