Govt asks packaged drinking water companies to come up with alternatives in 3 days
   Date :10-Sep-2019
 Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan holds a meeting with various stakeholders on ‘Replacing Single Use Plastic Bottles for Drinking Water with Suitable Alternatives’, in New Delhi on Monday
FOOD and Consumer Affairs Minister RamVilas Paswan asked manufacturers of packaged drinking water, like Pepsi and Coco Cola, to come up with alternative packaging in the next three days as he favoured a ban on plastics because of its health and environmental impact. He informed that an inter-ministerial committee, under the chairmanship of cabinet secretary, has been formed to look into the issue of banning single use plastic in one go or phased manner.
Paswan on Monday held a meeting with bottled water industry and various government departments to find a suitable alternative for single-use plastic bottles for drinking water Consumer Affairs Secretary A K Srivastava and senior officials from environment and chemical ministeries as well as Bureau of Indian Standard, FSSAI, IRCTC were present in the meeting. “Plastic has a big role to play in damaging environment as well as health of human beings and animals. We have seen reportsof huge quantity of plastics found in stomach of cow,” the Minister told reporters here.
Stating thatrecycling is not a permanent solution, Paswan said there is a need to find an alternative, which is equally affordable andreliable. He said evenpure paperbottleisnotan alternative as some plastic is mixed. “We have not got any concrete alternative of packaged drinking water during this meeting. Therefore,Ihaveaskedallmanufacturers to send their suggestions by September 11,” the Minister said,addingthatthese recommendations would be sent to the inter-ministerial panel and the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) . Paswan said the final decision would be taken by the Government.