Dilapidated structures collapse following heavy rains
   Date :11-Sep-2019

 A portion of building collapsed on Marwardi road.                                                        Portion of home collapsed at Sarvadharam Colony Kolar.
Staff Reporter :
Heavy rains in city is becoming matter of concern as dilapidated structures are collapsing. A portion of two-floor building situated at Taapdia Complex at Marwari road collapsed at around 1.30 pm resulting in panic among residents. Many vehicles were damaged in the process and no major causality was reported. Subsequent to the collapse many people living nearby evacuated the building. Mohammed Sameer from Bhopal Municipal Corporation anti-encroachment team said that total 30-40 team officials were there on the spot and rescue operations was carried out smoothly.
A family of five members were living in this portion who were rescued by officials. Another incident of collapse of a house wall was reported at Jehangirabad at Murgi Bazaar gali number 2. A dilapidated structure at Sarvadharma Colony also collapsed in heavy rains during noon hours. The structures near Sarvadharam Kolar bridge was very old and with the water-level increase in Kaliyasot majority of the people have evacuated the building and some are living under threat. State Disaster team along with NDRF officials were there on time to evacuate at people at Jhagariya Huzur tehsil and rescue the people in need where flood like situation developed.
Structures were also collapsed due to heavy rains in village. Heavy rains have caused a flood-like situation in various parts of city. Bhopal Municipal Corporation had identified old structures in Bhopal which are in dilapidated condition that they have been categorised under ‘unfit for human habitation’. BMC has served notices as well. BMC officials said that with heavy rainfall, there is always a possibility that some old buildings and structures may collapse in the city. But residents claim that BMC has miserably failed to check such incidents. Over the years many residential and official structures have collapsed fully or partially in Bhopal, on a regular basis in heavy rains.