Make hassle-free procedures for logistics parks: Shivkumar Rao
   Date :11-Sep-2019

Business Bureau :
Appreciating the State Government’s move to set up logistics parks as per the Logistics Policy, logistics expert Shivkumar Rao said, State should make hassle-free procedures. “As Nagpur is centrally located, logistics has become an important part of this region. By providing necessary facilities, this region can become ideal for setting up logistics parks,: he noted The Logistics Policy declared at the Magnetic Maharashtra Conference on February 8, 2018 give more emphasis for setting up of integrated logistics parks and logistics parks in Maharashtra.
Under the policy, Maharashtra Industries Development Corporation (MIDC) has been made as the Special Planning Authority (SPA). Department of Industries, Labour & Energy, Government of Maharashtra had issued a notification on March 8, 2018. It highlights the key features of Logistics Policy and lays down procedure for obtaining sanctions of logistics parks, Rao said. On June 13, 2018, Urban Development Ministry also issued a notification recognising the appointment of MIDC as the SPA in terms of the Logistics Policy. “Taking cognisance of the Logistics Policy, the procedure of sanction and rules were laid down to start integrated logistics parks /logistics parks,” he said.
Shivkumar Rao who is also the President of Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED) said, “We have already told the State Government about the problems entrepreneurs will face. We have also given solution to mitigate the problems to the Government.” Highlighting the problems, Rao said, as per the rules for setting up parks, all the applications have to submitted to the Chief Executive Officer of MIDC, Mumbai who has been made as Special Planning Authority. The proposal was to create a single-window clearance at the local level and that the applications should be allowed to be submitted to the Regional Office of MIDC for sanctions.
As per the current procedure, a large number of documents are needed with 23 clearances. “About 10-12 of them are being sought from the applicant when the applications are being submitted initially to the MIDC. Only after all the NoCs are issued, does the MIDC accept the application,” he said. He suggested that there should be a self-declaration mechanism for all the clearances. MIDC should accept the submitted applications in the first place subsequent to which the applicant can start the process of getting the no objection certificates while the MIDC scrutinises the sites through visits by their officials. “Both parties working simultaneously will ensure there is no time loss.
Once all the NoCs come from both sides, the final notification can be issued by the MIDC for the logistics parks,” he said. The current procedure is that a fire NoC has to be submitted through an application on a portal for approval under the Fire Protection Laws. The time-frame for the follow-up of this at the Mumbai office in the Mantralaya is 90 days. According to the proposal, to ensure that the NoC is issued within the stipulated 90 days, the last date for raising of queries should be 45 days so that the applicant has enough time to meet the compliances. “This will help the applicants to complete all the procedures in short span of time and he will be able to move ahead. There is no clarity for sanction of logistics parks for areas within the Nagpur Metropolitan Region. As per the Logistics Policy, MIDC is the Special Planning Authority and therefore there should not be another sanction required from NMRDA as will increase the time limit,” he said. Rao demanded that State Government should make all the procedures hassle-free so that logistics parks should come up in this part of the region.