Vigorous rainfall changes scene at Totladoh dam from dismal to bright
   Date :11-Sep-2019
Ramtek Correspondent/ Staff Reporter :
In mid-September, the dam is having stock of 88.78 per cent by Tuesday, the highest ever in six years 
Within a span of 50 days, the scene at Totladoh Dam changed from dismal to bright due to remarkable turnaround in its fortune thanks to vigorous rains in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh. Till mid-August, even the dead stock from the dam was being lifted by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to quench the thirst of citizens. Now, in mid -September, the dam is having stock of 88.78 per cent by Tuesday, the highest ever in six years. With nearly a month of monsoon still left and further forecast of heavy rains still on, the dam this year may fill-up to the brim.
The live water stock in Totladoh was 488.70 metres that is 1052.87 MM3 and the Irrigation Department is still waiting for further build-up before lifting the gates to release the water further downstream in Pench and Kanhan river. The inflow of water from Chourai region in Totladoh on September 10 was about 124.676 MM3, said Deputy Divisional Engineer R M Dhote. Machagora Dam is designed to hold 455 MM3 and its current live storage is 385 MM3, which is about 91 per cent. The current water level in the dam is 625.01 metres and if it is filled to brim the same would be 625.7 metres. Two gates of the dam were lifted by 0.6 metres to let of 7062 cusec discharge in view of continuos ingress from catchment area where it is raining cats and dogs since last one week.
Totladoh lies on down stream of Pench river, a tributary of Kanhan river, while Machagora Dam was constructed on upstream by Madhya Pradesh Government. Owing to poor start of monsoon, the situation in Totladoh worsened and with it hopes of farmers, too, died natural death. As per policy, only drinking water supply was allowed from Totladoh and even thermal power plants in region were in soup owing to zero stock in the dam, the biggest of the region.
However, once rains picked momentum there was no looking back and with every passing day the stock in Machagora became to much to handle forcing lifting of its gates. This came in handy as the water flowed into Totladoh and the stock build-up began steadily. Even the stock in Kamptee Khairy has increased substantially though gates of Totladoh are still not opened.
As of Tuesday morning, the Khairy was filled up to 45 per cent of its designed stocking capacity and Gross stock today was 102.98 MM3. The dead stock here is 39 MM3 while live stock level is 141 MM3 while gross stock would be 180.98 MM3. Normally, monsoon would start receding from mid August in Vidarbha region. This year, however the situation is quite reverse and monsoon picked up pace post August. The current situation, however, does not augur well for the crops that may get wilted due to excess rainfall.