Delhi motorists may have to pay Rs 20,000 for violation of odd-even scheme
   Date :20-Sep-2019
VIOLATION of the odd-even road rationing rule, scheduled to kick in from November 4 in the city, will invite a fine of Rs 20,000 as per amended Motor Vehicles Act The odd-even scheme involves plying of vehicles on alternate days as per the last odd or even digit of their registration numbers. Earlier, when the odd-even scheme was imposed by the Delhi Government in January and April 2016, the violation was punishable with a fine of Rs 2,000.
However, a final decision on the size of penalty has not been made since the notification of compoundable offences under the amended MV Act is yet to be notified by the Delhi Government. “The Government is authorised to reduce the amount of fine which it may or may not do,” said the official.