Our affordable healthcare action will help world: PM
   Date :24-Sep-2019
By Yoshita Singh :
NEW YORK INDIA’S experience and capabilities in providing affordable healthcare is available for use to all developing countries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the first-ever high-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage here on Monday, underscoring that a healthy life is the right of every person. Addressing the meeting, Prime Minister Modi said, “Health does not simply mean freedom from diseases. A healthy life is everyone persons’ right.”
“The onus for this is on our Government to make every possible effort to ensure this,” Modi said at the meeting, which will launch new efforts to provide access for all to affordable, inclusive and resilient health systems. Modi said India’s efforts on affordable healthcare are not limited to just its own boundaries.
“We have helped to provide access to affordable healthcare by way of telemedicine to several other countries especially African countries and we will continue to do so. Our experience and our capabilities are available for use to all developing countries,” he said. Modi began his engagements by addressing the Climate Action Summit hosted by Secretary General Antonio Guterres in the General Assembly Hall.