This teacher has a rare collection of 700 different kinds of Ganesh idols
   Date :04-Sep-2019

AT A time when the entire nation is rejoicing in the festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi, a Kanpur based teacher showcased his collection of 700 different kinds of Lord Ganesh idols. Vikas Shrivastav, a teacher by profession, talking about his collection told ANI, “I have been collecting these idols for almost 20 years and now it has become a part of my routine, whenever I visited far off places, I used to purchase an idol for my collection. Since childhood, I have been collecting these idols and now I have a variety of idols ranging 2 cm to 50 cm in height.”
The massive collection is a sight to witness as every idol presents a different picture of the place where it was made. His collection occupies a major space in the house. Commenting about the same, his wife, Priya Shrivastav said, “It is his hobby to collect the idols and I help him with it. Although cleaning these idols is a big task but I am supportive of my husband’s devout nature.” When questioned about making a record, he added, “Whatever I have collected till date is a result of my devotion. Therefore, I do not intend to name my collection for any kind of record. It is just a matter of one’s love for the lord.” Ganesh Chaturthi is dedicated to the Lord of new beginnings, Ganesh. It is marked with the installation of the deity’s idol at home and elaborate pandals. The occasion celebrates birth of the deity.