Digital learning boosts interest in teaching by 41% in FY16-19
   Date :05-Sep-2019

GROWING popularity of tutorial apps seems to have increased the interest in teaching jobs if a survey result is any indication as there has been 41 percent spike in searches for teaching as a career in the past three years. The survey data reveal a 41 percent increase in job searches for teaching jobs between July 2016 and July 2019, according to global job site Indeed.
The data for this report were collected from the Indeed India platform, the company said on Wednesday. According to the survey, the surge in demand for teaching roles can be attributed to the development of digital media which has opened avenues to new roles such as online tutors and e-educators. According to the report, growth in searches for teaching jobs has been the highest in FY19 witnessing a 40 percent increase. While in FY18 there was an increase of 14 percent in job-seeker interest for these roles and three years ago (2016 -17) there was a dip of 11 percent in job seeker interest towards teaching roles.