Good careers are made with good habits
   Date :08-Sep-2019

Q. Ma’am, I wanted to pursue Aeronautical Engineering, but then I opted for Computer Engineering. However, my PCM is below average and I am not eligible for engineering. On top of this, my caste validity is not ready so this year I can’t get admission. Now I’m confused. Should I try again next year or should I take a gap of a year and prepare for CET and try again for admission. I don’t know if my decision is right or wrong and I am worried how this will effect my career. Please help.
Ans. Of course you can take a gap of a year and try again next year to improve your scores for admission. the two branches of engineering mentioned by you are totally different in interest and in aptitude. Computer science is different from aeronautical and first find out what you would like to target at and then prepare yourself thoroughly. If you take a break then be sure that you are well disciplined, well prepared to work hard and are a self starter.
If you need to be told to study by your parents and need to be pushed and reminded of your goals at all times, then please don’t take a break but seek admission in alternate courses. A whole year of repeating the same syllabus can be tedious, boring at times and may make you feel low at times because your peers have gone ahead and you may appear to be lagging behind. If you have a tough stance and are determined to do what you have to do, then you are right in taking a break and giving yourself another chance. Go ahead and make the right choice based on your assessment of self and the situation. I wish you all the best. G D
Q. I am a boy studying in 9 grade. My ambition is to become an IAS officer. But I am getting addicted to mobile which is making me lose interest in my studies. Despite knowing the drawbacks, I am not able to control the addiction. Please help me ma’am.
Ans. A few sessions of counselling can help you get rid of the addiction you mention. Many a dreams are being shattered due to mobile addiction which is becoming a popular ailment as it is growing among the teenagers. This happens when you abuse technology rather than use it effectively. Technology is a truly a boon if used in a judicious manner for your own benefit and not for deterioration. Try understanding why you need a mobile and what are its uses for you. Your parents must have given it to you for some good purpose. Make a list for the things you actually need it for. Then make a list of things you do which are redundant and you can do away with it. Have a good look at the two lists and decide which ones you can give up and free the time for yourself.
The second thing to do is to plan what to do with the time that is freed up now. Can you play a game or a sport, can you go to the gym, can you join a. tuition class of interest, can you spend extra hours in reading and writing subjects of your choice or general knowledge? Once you use the freed up time in a happy way which you would enjoy, your sense of being hooked to the mobile will reduce. Also get involved in the house with your siblings if any or with your parents and help in the house or interact with them in a fun way or a serious way discussing your future. If you are serious about making a good career, then developing good habits from this age will be helpful and necessary for you. Good careers are made with good habits, right attitudes towards life and a sense of commitment and sacrifice of things that appear pleasurable for the time being but are actually a killer.

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