Lake View Farms getting good response
   Date :08-Sep-2019
LAKE View Farms is offering an opportunity to people of city to own a farm-house-land at the most scenic and beautiful location in Vidarbha. The site is situated on the bank of a large lake and surrounded by hills. Lake View Farms is offering the land of optimum size of 10,000 square feet with legally clear title and hassle free salability of the plots. This allows the owner to maintain the plot with ease and cost effective way.
Also, 10,000 square feet, area is large enough to have privacy and build a farm house of 1,200 to 2,000 square feet, which is much larger than city apartments. The farm house land can also be utilised to create open garden and most importantly at a very scenic location. As the land is situated near two villages, owner can get manpower to carry out farm related works easily. For more details or site visit, interested may contact Lake View Farms on 7741056789, 9028369396.