Do not suffer, seek help
   Date :12-Jan-2020

Do not suffer seek help_1 
Q. I am 36-years-old and since childhood I have lot of fear in my mind when I have to meet strangers and specially talk to women/girls. Even though I am working now, the fear of people continues. I feel I might do something wrong if I take a step forward. Now due to this, I have developed problems in my stomach. I read your column and thought I should come and meet you. Please help me madam.
Ans. It is surprising and extremely unfortunate that you should suffer such a situation since childhood and that you have not treated the malady in spite of being 36 years of age. That is a long period of suffering which has impacted your social life, your personal life and even your physical health as you have developed psychosomatic problems.There are easy solutions to such psychological problems and I am glad to have taken the initiative now at last. You should come for training of management of fear and anxiety and also training and development of social skills. You should call me on mobile number 9823073986 and fix an appointment as soon as possible. You will be fine and begin to enjoy life much more than before. Nobody should suffer for so long. BVN
Q. I have passed my Engineering from a good college with good marks. Now I am confused whether I should do an MBA or an MTech? I know the difference, but don’t know what to choose and what will be better for me. Actually, I am not interested in Engineering at all. I was deeply interested in photography and drawing. But now I need to make a career somehow and my parents want me to continue with the same line. Should I come for guidance and counselling? Please give time and date for this. Please help soon.
Ans. A face to face will help us understand the details of your likes, dislikes, desires and interests in a better manner. It is surprising that you did not choose the degree of your choice and followed the dictates of your parents. You seem to be a good natured and intelligent person who is also submissive and docile. You did not assert your self and your choices and in spite of that did well in the engineering course. I can only give one suggestion right away and that is MBA is a better choice between the two choices of MBA and M. Tech as the latter is an advanced technical program and former is about management. Please call and take an appointment for discussion and future planning of your career. VM
Q. I live in another town and want to know if you help with problems in marriage? I was happily married with two children for 15 years, but now the stress is unbearable. There are many small issues, which I have been ignoring and continuing with my life for the sake of my children and family. Now one big issue is troubling me and refuses to go away. My husband cheated on me and I caught him with another woman. He has done this not once, but twice, but I did not know about his first affair. All my strength is gone and I remain depressed and irritated. I shout at the children and avoid talking to my husband. He is apologising, but how can I believe him? I pray to God for strength, but nothing is working. Can you help me on phone as I cannot come to Nagpur alone and leave my children behind. Please help madam.
Ans. This is so unfortunate. The trauma of being cheated by a spouse is heavy indeed and needs a lot of mature handling. Yes, we offer tele-counselling services through phone and it could be done through Skype or Whatsapp. A video call is also possible so that we can have a face to face. We offer these services globally. You would need to call on the mobile number mentioned, take a suitable time and date, make the payment in advance through internet and start. This would save your time of travelling to Nagpur. Please call as soon as possible.
RITA AGGARWAL (Consulting Psychologist) Do not suffer, seek help The columnist can be reached on 9823073986, and 0712- 2220250. She can also be reached at [email protected] and can be visited at