Talk To Yourself To Say The Right Things
   Date :12-Jan-2020

Talk To Yourself To Say T
A sk any achiever the secret of his success and he may say something like this: “Well, I had the right credentials education, experience and worked hard making minimum mistakes. I also happened to be at the right place at the right time. It may be true but what made him was that he became indispensable to the employer because he developed the right attributes to attract the employer’s trust and truth in transactions and performance. He played his leadership roles and willingly accepted difficult assignments without any arguments and resistance. These achievers studied hard human nature and showed enthusiasm in their work and completed their assignments creditably and without any murmur and resistance.
They found a little time to give the right advice to people who were struggling in what they handled. Regardless of the number of hours they put in they never looked tired. They seemed mentally and physically fit at all times. They knew that personal initiative is essential for success in any field of work. In brief, it is the ability to manifest your skills in a way acceptable to all. Experts have said that initiative is that exceedingly rare quality to do that ought to be done without being told. When others have left the office, this man stays on and is able to give the Boss exactly the papers he needs to complete the work. Leaders know that there are certain principles to be followed while working in an office.
One requirement is that the individual should be honest because honesty is the central factor in building character. Secondly, one should have the ability to accept any task assigned to him and complete it in a record time. Thirdly, he must learn to think and draw sound conclusions since judgement is the core of real ability and success. Author Tom peters in his best-selling book “A passion for excellence” says that leading and coaching is the essence of leadership. High performance comes from people who pay close attention to their surroundings and environment and are able to communicate core values. They must be able to make valuable contributions to their organizations.
In sum, it makes a detached analytical person a dedicated enthusiastic coach. Coaching is leadership that pulls together people with diverse backgrounds and talents and encouraging them to step up responsibility and treat them as full-scale partners and contributors. In sum, coaching is making the difficult easy at any time. An expert said once “Peace of mind comes from concentrating on what you have and not on what you are missing. A sense of gratitude gives peace of mind. We develop ourselves to full potential when we put all our talents to make work interesting.
To make our life work, we should know why we are here. Remember, that we can’t give anyone anything which we don’t have. We can never accept other people as they are until we accept ourselves as we are. Loving ourselves simply means forgiving ourselves. Remember, that we have lived our lives the best way we could. My father used to say “Our business in life is not get ahead of others but to get ahead of ourselves. Belief is the most powerful weapon on Earth. Success is achieved by ordinary people with extra-ordinary determination. If you want to succeed strike out a new path than travelling on worn out path. Intelligence is the seed of hope and a promise of good in everything. Regardless of handicap, something positive can happen in life.
You can get what you want if you can help others get what they want. This quality comes through struggle and hard work in the assigned field of work. He climbs the highest who helps others to go up. We are all born whole and let us hope will die whole. But somewhere early on our way we eat one of the wonderful fruits of the tree of knowledge. Things separate into good and evil, and we begin the shadow making process as we divide our lives. You never grow by how much you win but you grow by how much you put in. success is the result of perfection, hard work and learning from failures. A way to close the gap is to promote core values. If everyone sees himself as a leader, the relationship will bond, cement and hold together to protect the values and beliefs.
A healthy life defends on a climate of openness. One indicator of healthy climate is to ask why, how and where. To promote values, think and do the right thing. Although difficult, this can be done by persistent effort. My friend when asked replied “I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I have learnt. It is better to live truthfully than complaining all the time.