Techno savvy, enthusiastic and curious visitors flock to Comp-Ex
   Date :12-Jan-2020

Techno savvy enthusiastic
Business Bureau :
The ongoing 28th edition of Comp-Ex’ at its new venue at Reshimbagh Ground is being flocked by techno savvy, enthusiastic and curious visitors. Saturday being a weekend, unprecedented footfall was experienced. Excitement to visit and explore the in-things in technology which touches daily lives of people by way of laptops, internet, mobile phones, security systems, communication and e-services applications is the crux of interest seen in the visitors.
Huge domes with well-laid pavilions, stall, free-moving alleys, gaming zone, food plaza are planned to provide utmost convenience and pleasure to people . People were seen coming as late as 9.00 pm too on Friday when the entry to the expo was to be closed. A happy hunting ground for the IT enthusiasts who visited in large numbers on Saturday and explored new products, offers, deals and discounts. Refurbished laptops by Master Computers is a huge hit with budget savvy youngsters who can pick up branded refurbished laptops in very good condition, restored as good as new for as low as just Rs 10,000.
The stall of Master Computers is an attraction in itself where more than 480 computers have been arranged in the stall setting and decoration. Sunday will be the last day of Comp-Ex’ 2020. It will remain open for visitors on the last day today from 12 noon to 9 pm.