Now pay spot fine of Rs 2,000 for defacing Raja Bhoj setu
   Date :14-Jan-2020

Now pay spot fine of Rs 2
Staff Reporter :
The cable stay bridge commonly known as Raja Bhoj Setu, the bridge that made life easier for all the people heading towards VIP Road can be seen littered and stained with pan and gutka spit. People can be innocuously walked by it, treating as a routine affair until the defacement of this public property was brought to the notice of civic body. Looking at the outrageous defacement, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) will slap spot fine of Rs 2,000 on spitting on wall after chewing pan and will felicitate to those who send video of persons spitting on wall. Name of video senders will be kept confidential.
First day, two persons were spotted spitting but they were let off with warning not to repeat such practice to make city nit and clean. Mayor Alok Sharma said, “Spitting on wall is serious matter and it make wall dirty. So we have decided to impose fine of Rs 2,000 and felicitation to those who send video of persons spotted spitting. Names of video senders will be kept confidential.
This has been done to discourage the dirty spitting practice. We want public support to check such practice of spitting on wall after chewing pan and gutka. I hope public will come forward for the support. Without public support, it is not possible. The decision has been taken as a step under the implementation of cleanliness campaign, being run as part of the Centre’s Swachh Bharat Campaign. We want to change the mindset of the people. This can be done by awareness, clubbed with regulations.” Earlier, Mayor Alok Sharma and other visited suspension bridge and washed the wall which were looking dirty due to spitting. Previously, Mayor had done same thing.
This time, Mayor has increased the fine money. BMC has already provision to impose spot fine to nail such dirty practice. Recently, Divisional Commissioner Kalpana Shrivastava and others pledged for Swachh Survekshan Abhiyan at Iqbal Maidan. Even BMC administration leaves no stone unturned to keep state capital neat and clean. Urinating, spitting and littering at public places were already offense and BMC administration has provision for spot fine.