Date :25-Jan-2020
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UNION Road Transport and Highways Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari apparently is not happy over delays in the execution of ongoing projects and has, therefore, asked officials and contractors to abide strictly by the schedule. Not only that the Minister has also said that if projects are delayed due to inter-ministerial reasons the ministry should be informed accordingly so that matters could be sorted out and hurdles removed. There are so many hiccups and hurdles in finishing ongoing projects, including those related to various ministries, besides legal challenges that present an impediment in completing projects. But there is also the element of red-tapism which proves to be the bigger hurdle. It is this aspect that Mr. Gadkari has often been talking about. And it is for this reason that he has asked officials and contractors to abide by scheduled finish of projects. The laudable initiative that Mr. Gadkari’s ministry has taken is the launch of the online web portal ‘Gati’ for facilitating updating of projects and also shortfalls in their timely execution.