Banking and insurance operations paralysed as employees join nation-wide strike
   Date :09-Jan-2020

Banking and insurance ope
Business Bureau :
Banking and insurance operations were paralysed on Wednesday as employees join nation-wide strike. All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) and BEFI, AIBOA), INBEF and INBOC called for strike. Members under the joint banner of AIBEA, AIBOA, BEFI, INBEF and INBOC staged demonstration before Bank of India, Kingsway, Nagpur. More than 1,200 bank employees registered protest. The demonstration was led by Satyasheel Rewatkar, Chairman of EMBEA. He said, “The attention of the general public is diverted from basic economic.” Suresh Bobhate, President of EMBEA demanded implementation of minimum, fair and living wage in all sectors and cautioned all the members to be united and show solidarity in the fight against anti-workers policy of the Government Nagesh Dande of INBOC and Vijay Meshram of AIBOA also spoke on the occasion.
Jaiwant Gurway, General Secretary of EMBEA highlighted issues like control prices, create more jobs for the unemployed youth, guarantee right to job and right to wage, ensure job security, outsourcing jobs, do not amend labour laws, do not curtail trade union rights, do not weaken social security schemes, ensure minimum wage of Rs 21,000, pension and bonus for all etc. K Jagadeesan, Unit Secretary, BoI Retirees Association (Maharashtra and Goa of AIBRF stressed the importance of updation of pension. Present were O P Verma, Milind Wasnik, Chendil Iyer, Virendra Gedam, Satyaprakash Tiwari, Shrikrishna Chendke, Ravi Joshi, Roshni Rahate, Dinal Ambulkar, Narendra Bhujade, R P Rao, Ashok Shende, Sujata Gedam, Anjali Rana, Narayan Umredkar, Prabhat Kokas, Sunil Belkode, Lalit Upase, Priyanka Lole, Mayuresh Ghanghare, Deep Barve, Sujata Lokade and others. At Nagpur, public sector general insurance (PSGI) employees gathered in front of Regional office of United India Insurance Co Ltd, Shankar Nagar and raised slogans. A meeting was organised in which Gopal Verma of BVKS, Anil Nimje of UIICOA, Arun Kulkarni of General Insurance Pensioners Association and Pradeep Dharamthok, Working President of GIEAIA addressed the gathering.
Dharamthok demanded merger of all four PSGI companies and form one corporation. Present were Chandrakant Deshpande, Vinay Karpe, Deepak, Gotmare, Anil Ghodmare, Vivek Bhalekar, Shyam Bhalerao, Homraj Adey, Prashant Chanore, Sunil Tambe, Pankaj Sawalkar, Sanjay Ghatate and others. LIC employees under All India LIC Employees Federation (AILICEF) gathered near National Insurance Building. Anil Dhokpande, President of Western Zone Insurance Employees Association (WZIEA) said, Government should stop its retrograde policies and to pursue poor people oriented policies. R N Patne, Neha Mote, Y R Rao, Rajesh Vishvakarma, Naresh Adchule, Abhay Patne and others were present. Rajesh Nimbalkar, General Secretary of App Cab and E-Commerce Workers International demanded minimum wage should be not less than Rs 21,000. Strict execution of all labour laws. Abolition of new pension scheme. Assured social security to private sector.