‘Need separate policy for fisheries sector’
   Date :16-Oct-2020

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Business Bureau :
The agriculture sector has a major role to play in the economic development and easing the unemployment situation in Vidarbha and fisheries can be one of the best options, said Dr Kapil Chandrayan, a former expert member of Vidarbha Statutory Development Board (VSDB) while speaking at a webinar which was organised by Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED) on the ‘Opportunities and challenges in the field of fisheries which will provide new opportunities to the youth’. “We need to take advantage of different schemes of various departments of the Government and also formulate a separate inland fisheries policy for Vidarbha,” he said. Dr Chandrayan said that Vidarbha has abundant freshwater reservoirs and traditional fishing community. However, the fisheries sector has not developed as much as it should.
The major reasons for this problem is a lack of awareness, non-availability of infrastructure and organisational difficulties. Vidarbha still contributes 40 per cent to 45 per cent to the total production of the State. “We should try to bring new technology in this field,” he further added. The panellists at the webinar included Sachin Belsare, Assistant Professor of Aquatic Environmental Management, Fisheries Science College, Maharashtra University of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Sciences (MAFSU), Nagpur and R B Vyada, Divisional Deputy Commissioner, Nagpur Division. President of VED Council Shivkumar Rao, gave an introduction about the work of VED Council and a scholkarly discussion of the field of fisheries.
The webinar was conceptualised by VED Council’s Agri and Allied Services Forum’s Chairman Pankaj Mahajan. Sachin Belsare said, “There are difficulties in the production and rearing of quality fish seeds in his region. We have to depend on neighbouring states for this.” “About 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh people are working in the fisheries industry and they need proper training,” he said. R B Vyada said, “Work is currently being done through the Fishermen’s Co-operative Society.
However, if private entrepreneurs come to the sector, the use of new technology and increased production can lead to development. Vijay Shikhare, Divisional Deputy Commissioner, Amravati said, “Not only fishing but also fish seed production, fish seed rearing, pond fish farming, reservoir fish farming, fish farming in orchards, ornamental fishery, fish sales, fish processing, value added fish production are the major opportunities in fisheries.” With proper management and planning, a lot of income can be earned, he said. He also gave information about the Matsya Sampada and Nilkranti Yojana. The Vice-President of VED Council Pankaj Mahajan proposed the vote of thanks.