‘New Labour Codes need careful study’
   Date :17-Oct-2020

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Dr R Krisha Murthy said major changes have been done in the Code on Social Security, Industrial Relations and Occupational safety, health and working conditions
The HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) recently organised a panel discussion on “New Three Labour Codes” on zoom. Chander Uday Singh, Senior Adv. Supreme Court; Dr Vivek Monteiro, President – Mumbai Sharmik Sangh (CITU) and Dr R Krisha Murthy, Senior Management Consultant & Head Mohan Das & Associates shared their views on the occasion.
Chander Uday Singh has put his thoughts basically on broad legal perspective. He said that these new codes certainly needs study carefully. He explained how various laws amalgamated in each code. Large number of statues merged in these acts. He has also discussed how these new codes impact on Employer, Employee and Union in general. In his virtual discussion he has shown some concerns on Notice of Change provision and section 14 for trade union movement which gives power of recognition to the employer. He also expressed concern over the power of prosecution entrusted to inspectors.
Dr R Krisha Murthy gave presentation on “the three Labour Codes” and further elaborated about the three Labour Codes which will be covering reforms for nearby 50 crore workers from organised, un-organised and self-employed sector. He said major changes have been done in the Code on Social Security, Industrial Relations and Occupational safety, health and working conditions.
He highlighted the important provisions made in the ESIC facility, Gratuity for fixed term workers, compensation in case of accidents, EPF scheme and social security for un-organised workers, etc. He said IR Code 2020 passed with a view to amalgamate, simplify and rationalize the relevant provisions of central labour enactments relating to social security viz. Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 and Trade Unions Act, 1926. He further said all strikes and lockouts that take place would be illegal if they do not adhere to provisions declared.
Dr Vivek Monteiro opined that Contract laboures were thrown out of the green legal protection that they had. He further said that the way in which this legislation has been enacted in some way it was elected earlier in also in the way it was elected in Lok Sabha shows that this was a direct political attack on the workers and therefore all the trade unions in the country have decided to go for strike on coming November 26.
Earlier, Suresh Rathi, President of VIA in his welcome addressed welcomed the speakers. Suresh Pandilwar, Co-Chairman of VIA HRD Forum moderated the session and also briefed about background about History of Labour Laws in India. He said India has a golden chance to emerge as a Manufacturing Leader this is perspective of Govt. on new Codes. Neelam Bowade, Convener of HRD Forum conducted the proceedings and also introduced the guest speakers. Ashit Sinha, Mentor of HRD Forum summed up the discussion and also proposed a vote of thanks.
Prominently present were Rajen Mehrotra - former Senior Specialist of Employers Activities of South Asian Region with ILO, Adv Lancy D’souza, Ajay Thaoker from CEAT, S Q Zama, Secretary General (INMF), Ravindra Thakare, Adv R B Puranik, Hemant Lodha, Chairman of VIA HRD Forum, Aditya Saraf, Vice President – VIA, Pradeep Raut, former Chairman NIPM and HR and IR professionals, industrialists, entrepreneurs.