Tiger family spotted at Nauradehi Sanctuary
    Date :17-Oct-2020

Tiger family spotted at N
Pair of tigers re-introduced at Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary about two years back was sighted together with three semi-adult cubs for the first time which brought smiles on the faces of officials. All the three cubs are around 16-month-old. Tracking team deployed to monitor the feline captured pictures of tiger family for the first time in camera. Both tiger and tigress are radio collared so the team is tracking their location easily.
Nauradehi SDO Sewaram Mallik said, “for the first time family has been captured in single frame. The three cubs, including two male and one female, have grown up. Collar ID for cubs are yet to be installed.”
He further informed that tigress was brought from Kanha Tiger Reserve at the age of 2.5 years while tiger was brought from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve when he was four-year-old. The pair of tigers was reintroduced in the sanctuary in April 2018. Initially, the two were kept in separate enclosures adjacent to each other after a few days they were released. After two years of reintroducing the pair, tigress was spotted with new born cubs that made the plan of forest officials successful. The news of new cubs was cause of celebration for forest officials and wildlife lovers as tigers were not seen in Nauradehi for many years.