Date :20-Oct-2020

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UNION Minister of Environment Mr. Prakash Javdekar has pointed out rightly that the problem of pollution cannot be resolved in a day, and that continuous and long-term efforts are needed to tackle it effectively. The Minister also highlighted what efforts are being made to reduce vehicular and other kinds of pollution. Even if we see sense in the Minister’s statement, we also realise that the efforts to reduce pollution are not moving at a desirable pace. There is still a lot of slackness in the efforts by both, the Government and its agencies plus of the people in general. It must be admitted that the larger Indian society is quite blind to the issues of environmental pollution and is not bothered about the violation of simple norms that can keep air pollution to the minimum. It has also allowed countless thousands of water bodies across the land to be wasted because of human encroachment. This is the story of all cities of all sizes. Even villages are not spared from this scourge of social indifference. This has been happening simply because the Government and its agencies are slip-shod in implementation of anti-pollution norms.
THE chaos of a gut-wrenching finish can be too heavy for a mortal being to be consumed by its enormity. Many weak-hearted just throw in the towel at the first hint of pressure but then there are some cool and measured customers like Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami, who stay above the din to conquer the turmoil with ridiculous ease. The incredible double Super Over finish between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab on the crazy Sunday in Abu Dhabi was test of nerves as well as grit. Both Bumrah and Shami carried their team’s fight to an improbable end with their extraordinary skills to stifle raging batsmen at a juncture when bowlers are plastered with total disdain. Both bowled a stingy over each in the Super Over to force a second tie. It was a tremendous feat given the nature of Twenty20 cricket and its significance is more striking given the fact that both bowlers are top flag-bearers of Team India’s pace battery. This augers extremely well for India’s chances in next year’s World Twenty20 Down Under. This performance yet again underlines the importance of IPL as a platform to hone skills and tap the future talent.