Date :23-Oct-2020

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INDIA’S strong retort to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on her unwarranted comments on action against an erring NGO should set things in perspective for the global agency that has a dubious record of selective outrage on similar issues. The Government of India acted against NGO Amnesty International India for violation of laws under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) which was a just act as per the law of the land. UN’s Ms. Michelle Bachelet raked up the issue under the pretext of the NGOs human rights work holding India guilty of ‘reprisal’ which was a totally uninformed view of the matter and unexpected from a UN body. India is a democratic polity having ample space for NGOs, domestic as well as foreign, working for humanitarian causes. However, that does not condone the violation of law of the land on the pretext of championing human rights. Foreign funding to NGOs must come through a proper framework laid down by the law. Any discrepancy in the process must be probed as per protocols which was precisely the case with Amnesty International India’s violations. UN would do well to stay away from sovereign issues.
TWO former champions of the Indian Premier League (IPL) -- Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders -- are sailing in a rocky boat in the United Arab Emirates with their pathetic showing so far. The biggest flop has come in the form of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s CSK which has looked a pale shadow of itself, afflicted by its own yellow fever and down for the count. Coming along with the Kings are the Knights whose shine is fading with each passing game. KKR’s pitiful surrender to Royal Challengers Bangalore on Wednesday night tells the story of what is wrong with the team. In fact, both teams are in a crisis that stems from indecisive leadership at the top. Both Dhoni and Dinesh Karthik have come as croppers in this edition and though KKR has gone for a captaincy change it is unlikely to change their fortunes. Ironically, both the teams boast of some shrewd brains in their playing as well as coaching staff. And though leaders of both the outfits are also the most disoriented and clueless, constantly trying to live on past glory. Such empty think-tanks are set to bring down final curtains on the champions pretty soon.