Maryam Nawaz refuses to ‘back down’ against Imran Khan Govt
   Date :25-Oct-2020

Maryam Nawaz_1  
AMID the nation-wide anti-Government movement, Opposition party leader and PML-N Vice President, Maryam Nawaz has refused to “back down”, saying that the ongoing demonstrations in the country are about principles. In an interview with ‘Khaleej Times’, Maryam said the only thing the Imran Khan Government is interested in is ‘political victimisation’. She said, “No way, I will never back down!” “This is about principles and outside forces have no business to meddle in politics. It’s time to let politicians take care of politics.”
“The only thing they (Government) are interested in is political victimisation, which they find very gratifying,” she said. The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader further said that the people of Pakistan are much more aware of which kind of party should form the Government. “...people are much more politically aware now than before about their civil, legal and especially political rights; and about which kind of party should form the Government.” She said the “decisive march” against the Government will come in January and it will hasten their doom, ‘Khaleej Times’ reported. “What happened in Karachi has shown who is actually running the Government... Imran Khan is not the Government.
He is simply a dummy occupying a seat and that dummy has been silent for three days,” Maryam said on Friday as quoted by ‘Dawn’. Talking about the recent arrest of his husband and the tussle between the Federal Government with Sindh police, she said, “If Nawaz Sharif was wrong, why did they react like this?” Maryam had said that the ‘Karachi incident’ has vindicated former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s “State above the State”.
According to the Pakistan daily ‘Dawn’, Maryam was referring to the incident that involved her husband Mohammad Safdar arrest on Monday morning -- hours after the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) successful rally -- bringing the law enforcement agency and security establishment in Sindh in direct conflict. This comes after a recently held anti-Government rally in Karachi where political parties under the banner of joint Opposition alliance---Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) -- protested against the ‘puppet’ Government of Prime Minister Imran Khan and demanded his resignation. Thousands of people participated in the rally in Karachi.