Date :30-Oct-2020

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THE raids and searches by the National Investigating Agency (NIA) on a few non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to identify and nail sources of terror funding are beginning to yield results. The agency has been able to unearth incriminating documents and electronic devices and digitised materials that indicated terror links of those NGOs. The NIA has been adopting a no-nonsense approach during its searches and did not spare senior political leaders like Mr. Farooq Abdullah by interrogating them not just once but several times. This thorough investigation is part of a bigger plan to nail terrorism at every possible point so that the covert and overt separatist movement in Kashmir is crushed. The NIA action also shows that the Government has accepted the reality that such a movement has been going on and it needs to be crushed at the earliest. It must be admitted that for long years, the Government stayed a denial mode. Things started changing for the better only after 2014 when Mr. Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister. And actual change started when the Special Status to Kashmir was abrogated. The NIA’s current action is part of this positive phase.
STRICT action must be taken against the management of the social platform Twitter for showing on a map that Ladakh is part of China. Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Chairperson of the Committee of Parliament on Data Protection Bill, is right when she called such a map an act of treason which needs to be tried under the law of the land without fear or favour. It has been found on many occasions that a few international agencies often indulge in political games that highlight falsehood and run counter to India’s legitimate interests. Though Twitter India has tendered an apology for the mistake, the members of the Parliamentary panel have made it clear that an act of criminal offence needed to be treated as per the law in that regard and whosoever is guilty be punished accordingly. This is the right approach that must be followed by India in every case of similar nature. For only then India can hope to teach such international agencies the right lesson. For only then can their political games be stopped. Ms. Lekhi was right when she said that the question involved not just India’s sensitivity, but also its integrity and sovereignty.