Date :31-Oct-2020

It’s good to find information that validates and deepens what you already know. It’s even better to discover credible, compelling information that challenges what you know. More than one thing can be true at once. More than one perspective can be an accurate depiction of the world. Even if a differing perspective turns out to be wrong, by considering it you improve the value of your own perspective. And you open yourself to new opportunities for learning.
Be careful not to let your knowledge become a wall that separates you from others. Instead, jump at opportunities to expand your knowledge so that it better connects you with many different people.
Adjusting your perspective is not a rejection of your past experience. On the contrary, it is a more effective way of incorporating that experience into a workable vision of reality. Be confident enough about what you know to let that knowledge be challenged. You’ll end up with even more knowledge, or greater confidence, or both. In every challenging situation, there is something for which to be thankful. Find it, and you’re well on your way to getting successfully through the challenge.
It may seem strange to express gratitude while in the midst of trouble and difficulty. Yet that gratitude can help to shine a positive, empowering light on any situation.
If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed with negativity, all you can see are the problems. When you choose instead to find something for which to be thankful, you start to see the all the many good and positive resources available to you. In the most difficult situations you can often find the most valuable opportunities. Gratitude will open your eyes to those opportunities.