Need to stop large-scale dumping of garbage in MIDC Hingna: MIA
   Date :08-Oct-2020

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The dumping of waste and lack of strong action on part of concerned officials has made these areas a dumping ground
Large-scale dumping of garbage reveals the sorry state of affairs with regards to cleanliness in many areas inside MIDC Hingna Industrial Area. “The Government should look into the garbage dumping menace as it poses a health hazard especially during the current COVID-19 crisis,” said C G Shegaonkar, President of MIDC Industries Association Hingna (MIA). He further said, “Inspite of several follow ups and discussions with concerned stakeholders, this situation keeps repeating year after year.
The situation in rainy season becomes really grim for people travelling and for the employees working in companies nearby these areas.” One of the major garbage dumping spots is near Suvarna Laghu Udyog (SLU), Electronic Zone, MIDC Hingna. The area falls under jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat, Nildoh. “But this isn’t the only spot, there are many such areas in the vicinity of MIDC Hingna where there is rampant disposal of garbage,” he said. “It seems people have been given a free hand to dispose of the garbage in the vacant plot areas and in nullahs nearby.
The stakeholders for this mounting garbage problem are many and collective effort is needed to tackle this age-old problem from its’ roots,” he pointed out. “On one hand, Central or State Governments are giving impetus on ‘Swaccha Bharat’ mission and every city, town, district is striving hard to excel in cleanliness ranking, scenes like this definitely puts cold water on the efforts,” Shegaonkar said. The continuous dumping of waste and lack of strong action on part of concerned officials has made these areas literally a dumping ground, free run for pigs and a breeding place for diseases.
Also burning of plastic waste makes the situation more worrisome for companies nearby these areas. The current situation is such that the spill-over of the waste is coming onto the roads, inviting serious health concerns, he added.