The Guide
   Date :18-Nov-2020

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GEOPOLITICAL churning at a rapid pace has made many nations forge healthy alliances with the idea of peace and prosperity. At the core of these ideas is non-violence which forms the basic philosophy of Indianness. The Indian philosophy is what the world is seeking now for the path of peace, non-violence and fraternity. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s assertion that “for this guidance the world is once again looking towards India” is a proud observation of the Indian culture and a reality that the expansionist forces in the international community cannot shy away from any longer. All of India’s policies -- domestic as well as foreign -- explicitly show a tender approach towards humanity and peace.
There has been little digression from the core values practiced while making bonds with nations, from immediate neighbourhood to far-away lands, no matter which party ruled the Centre. The current dispensation under Prime Minister Mr. Modi has formed the base of his foreign policy on the spirit of brotherhood which is being hailed by the world in the present churning, making India a guiding force to the whole world. It is indeed a matter of great pride for India when Mr. Modi asserted that the world again is looking towards India for guidance on the path of peace and fraternity. The world has seen what role a responsible democracy built on the strong values of peace and brotherhood can play during times of crisis. India’s role as a ‘helper’ and ‘giver’ shone brightly during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak when the leadership opened its arms for humanity in distress across the world.
There was no singling out of partners nor was their any animosity despite differences with some countries. Indian philanthropy did not exclude even China, the epicentre of the deadly virus, while sending medical help and other relief material. The coronavirus crisis followed by strained relations between nations over its outbreak and subsequent aggressive postures adopted by the hegemonic China have made the international community sit up and reassess its partnerships.
A new axis is getting formed, transcending regional relations as India keeps holding the role of a pivot that believes in equality and peace. This very role of a leader working without any expectations has catapulted India to the position of a guide for the world. The Indian idea of Vasudhiava Kutumbakam is being widely accepted for the deep philosophy it holds while thinking of wellness for everyone. Mr. Modi and his team have been advocating the idea at every available forum including the United Nations. It is now resonating in the thinking of a large section of nations who seek a peaceful co-existence of ideas and ideologies. India’s ancient wisdom and philosophies are now shaping policies of a big chunk of leaders which yet again reaffirms the role of Vishwa Guru for India.
Present times and churning in the world can be seen from the Indian idea as a manthan where the scum is coming out leaving the nectar of peaceful coexistence for like-minded nations. India, too, is facing the consequences of the churning where an imperialistic China is behaving in an 18th century twisted mindset and a hopelessly vile Pakistan is playing poodle to its all-weather friend. Even in the wake of such volatile circumstances India, under Mr. Modi, has displayed tremendous composure, never wavering from its age-old wisdom while defending its own honour with dignity.
These qualities have formed the core of the Indian idea for the world. The Prime Minister was not off the mark in hailing the country’s role as a guide to the world precisely due to these qualities of staying calm in combustible situations. India will do whatever is needed to secure its honour, men and sovereign territories but it would not be achieved by deviating from the path it has shown to the world since ages. It has to set a example which should inspire the world to emulate it.