Tourists’ ignorance about cleanliness irks officials in Kanha
   Date :18-Nov-2020

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By Ankita Garg :
Despite Government making all efforts to make Clean India campaign successful, tourists in tiger reserves and sanctuaries are doing exactly the opposite thus ruining the efforts. Forest employees were shocked to see the quality of garbage left behind by tourists in Kanha Tiger Reserve on Tuesday. While Government is carrying Clean India campaign on wide level, MP Tourism has strictly banned plastic bags in tourism spots. The reserve officials said that the campaigns being run by management could not be made successful until people support. When maintenance staff reached to close the gates of park, they found heap of plastic covers, plates and bottles on either side of Banjar River.
Even many people cooked the food like eggs, chicken and left the litter behind. The reserve officials said that they have displayed pamphlets and directed the field staff to ask people for maintaining sanitation. But while leaving the location, people ignore the guidelines. The pictures of litter left behind by tourist were uploaded by a forester on social media and it attracted hundreds of comments. Wildlife lovers and environmentalist criticised the deed of tourist and said Clean India campaign cannot be made successful until general public supports the same. While a few activists demanded to penalise the tourist for littering, many said to file complaint. O P Tiwari, Deputy Director of KTR said, “We have displayed notice to keep the surrounding clean and strict direction has been given to visitors before entry.
Our field staff cannot check everyone while leaving the location as it violates the privacy. Tourists should voluntarily maintain the cleanliness and throw the garbage in dustbin. There are dozens of dustbins placed on every location.”