Date :19-Nov-2020

THE conglomerate of various regional and national political outfits in the form of People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) has all elements driven by the only vicious agenda of keeping Jammu & Kashmir under their control, far from mainstream India, for their personal gains. By terming the alliance as a Gang of people with deep-rooted vested interests, Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah has rightly described the unholy nexus of leaders in the erstwhile State who were always ruled by a separatist mindset. While the apolitical elements in the society had made its opposition pretty clear to the Gupkar Declaration, Mr. Shah’s ultimatum that “Either the Gupkar Gang swims along with the national mood or else the people will sink it” has set the tone for crushing the despicable attempt by the likes of Mr. Farooq Abdullah and Ms. Mehbooba Mufti to yet again work against India’s national interest.
The Gang has all anti-India elements and seeks an unconstitutional restoration of the Article 370 scrapped last year with a totally legal and Parliamentary sanction. The larger Indian society along with every political outfit worth its salt must rise in unison to defeat the unholy alliance. Each of the actions by the Gupkar Gang deserves stringent action under the sedition law. By openly calling for a foreign rule in Jammu & Kashmir for restoration of the Special Status, the Gang leaders are indulging in a war against the State in a brazen manner. They must be reined in pretty soon before their ghastly attempt sows seeds of separatism in Kashmir and other parts of the country.
Jammu & Kashmir is now witnessing a new dawn of development after abrogation of the Article 370. Newer paths for employment, industry, education, health facilities have been opened with a slew of development projects ushered in by the Centre. The measures are bringing a welcome change in the mindset of the locals after years of terrorism and confrontation. The present situation is in sharp contrast of what parties like National Conference (NC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had served to the people of Jammu & Kashmir during their regime while they enjoyed royal privileges. Stung by the reverses, the Gupkar Gang, made of highly self-centered politicians with separatist and terrorist agenda, now seeks an entry into the political circles to fulfill their dirty designs.
There is no doubt that the unholy alliance will be rejected tooth and nail by the locals but a no-nonsense message has to be delivered now by crushing the Gang’s attempt without any regret. The Gupkar Gang does not deserve any mercy, for, its foundation itself is against the interests of the country. An outfit which has the temerity to insult the Indian Tricolour has no place in the political landscape of the country. In fact, these very factors should hold them guilty for treason. Now that Mr. Shah has set the tone against the Gupkar Gang, the Centre should take the bigger call of punishing the constituents of the Gang without any second thought. It is time to give a solid reality check to leaders like Mr. Abdullah and Ms. Mufti whose unease at the prospect of political wilderness is making them peddle their agenda against the basic fabric of the country.
A wake-up call on its ambivalence is also needed for the Congress party which is in process of a seat sharing arrangement with the Gupkar participants. Already pushed to the wall over its electoral failures, the Congress now has no face to hide after supporting ‘like-minded’ parties like National Conference. The confused Congress leadership is caught in a vortex now, speaking in different voices over its alliance with the PAGD. A section within the party has realised the blunder of supporting the anti-national alliance but blinded by the greed of gobbling up a pie of political benefits the local unit is insisting on a seat sharing pact. The Congress must now make its stand clear on joining the alliance or backing the constituents of the ‘Unholy Global Gathbandhan’ which is another tricky test for its central leadership, if there is any!